10 Trends Non-Millennials Just Don’t Understand

Picture this: You’re sporting your favorite high waisted bottoms and crop top combo and walk into a room full of non-millennials. A wave of uncomfort washes over you. You know they think your outfit is “whack.” (something that has probably literally been said to you). It’s the same feeling I would imagine walking into church in a bathing suit would be like. Full of judgement and disapproval.

Welcome to being a millennial.

Today, I am sharing all the trends we, millennials wear that non-millennials just cannot wrap their heads around. To me its humorous, hopefully you feel the same.

Slides. Especially Furry Ones

Funny story about these adorable pink furry slides I bought. When I saw them in Vegas I immediately ran over and tried them on. I asked my sister, who is now 30, what she thought. She replied, those look like something our grandmother would wear…. they’re house shoes right?” End of conversation right there. Nevermind.

On the plane ride home, I take them out to admire them (because my bag weighed too much and I had to take stuff out… shocker). The lady next to me who was at least in her 40’s said, those are cute… they’re house shoes right?


What is up with you people.

Lastly, as I am working on this post at the car wash the man sitting next to me blatantly stares at my shoes in confusion… for a hard few minutes y’all. No words needed to feel the judgement.

I seriously don’t think I have received so much hate on something I’ve worn since I rocked Ugg boots with a denim skirt in 9th grade.

So no, non millennial’s have absolutely no idea whats going on with the furry slides.

High Waisted Bottoms

I love high waisted everything and I thought it was just something that guys didn’t understand. Apparently, if you’re simply not a millennial you don’t understand it. I say they’re flattering, if you are in your twenties you probably think so too but not the older crowd my friends.

Yeezy Season

Viewed by non-millenials as over priced grunge clothing that look like it’s been ripped apart in the washing machine after years of wear. They don’t understand our need to look effortlessly chic. Except that our effortless look actually requires a lot of effort… Because if you’re repping Yeezy, your eyebrow game better be strong.

Basically anything the Kardashians wear

If you ask a non millennial to list out the trends they don’t understand they will literally list everything the Kardashians wear. Yeezy season ^, sweat pants with heels, bandeau’s as tops, t-shirt dresses, “Pajamas as clothes,” high waisted anything.

Crop Tops

Crop tops, because mid-drift is the word. Its all about accentuating and showing off that waist. Am I right?

Oversized Tops

You know you love that t-shirt you can throw on with a pair of slides and call it a day. Or that humungous button up you pair with your favorite high waisted denim shorts. Or the big denim jacket you love to sport with your superstars. That oversized, I am comfy-out-of-my-mind look. In my opinion we are making revelations… You’re telling me I can actually be comfortable and stylish? #MillenialsfortheWin

Bold Prints and Patterns

Flames, Palm Leaves, Bananas, Pineapples…. We’re all about making statements. Need I say more.


My favorite. Athleisure.

Back in the day, you only wore your gym clothes to the gym. Now, these so called gym clothes have been taken to a whole new level. Some of my favorite pieces are my fun little sporty spice pants and matching crop top. Yaaaaaaaaas honey.

Ripped Jeans

When you walk in a room and you know at least one old person has to make a comment. Did you know you have a hole in your jeans? Did you intentionally buy those jeans with holes in them? You know, when I was growing up…

And last but not least… Mom Jeans

Mom jeans! because everything has to come back around full circle you guys! Let’s face it, all of these trends we are walking around in are truly just throwing it back to the 90’s. We have a nostalgic yearning for our childhood days and naturally we just wear what we wore growing up… or what our moms were wearing.


Everything I have said today comes from a light hearted place. I love being a millennial and I know our trends aren’t always going to be understood. It’s all in good fun.

What do you think about the millennial trends?
xo, Milan

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