I am proof that you don’t have to be a sports-fanatic to have fun at a hockey game. Was that ever a question? I assume it was, I mean I never thought I would have that much fun at a STARS game. The last time I went I’m pretty sure it was off-season, the room was basically empty and I might have still had braces? So, what did I even know about fun back then?? Nothing, that’s what. So, yeah. This time a’round was different. I went, I saw, I conquered…. or I mean I learned how to go to a hockey game and have the time of my life. AKA, wish it never ended and when it did I could come back the next night for round two. Sadly it doesn’t work like that… but heres the low down on how to have a blast at a Stars game whether you’re a sports fan or not.   Take your bestie. Duh. Get hotdogs and nachos for the full food experience… and don’t forget the jalapeños. Forget the beer and go for the lime-a-ritas. Cheer for the Stars Ice girls because they work hard too. Call dibs on the cutest hockey player just for funsies. Park somewhere for free and UBER because I promise it’s cheaper and easier. Dress cute and comfy because of stairs and lots of walking. Dress warm but not like you’re going to Antartica like I did. It’s cold but not as cold as people make it seem. Yes you’re in a room full of ice but you’re also in a room full of thousands of warm bodies. Wear a sweater, you will be fine. Research the others team colors so you don’t show up in a conflicted outfit… once again like I did lol my bad… it was kinda fun though so maybe do it? Root on the fights the players get into on the ice… sorry but it’s part of the fun. Dance and sing when the music gets loud. Make friends with the people around you. LAUGH, SCREAM, JUMP, CRY. Feel and EXPRESS all the emotions because guess what THAT’S THE GAME BABY!!!! Wow, maybe I should watch games more often?? This adrenaline thing is real. AND IT’S FUN. ok i’m done screaming.   THIS IS HOW YOU GO TO A DALLAS STARS GAME // MILAN MERLO DALLAS BLOGGER // MILANDARLING.COM I wasn’t planning on writing a post about the game but Chloe and I had so much fun that I figured why not. Another Dallas night for the books! All that and it was only Monday. Not bad. Hope you have a good week and do something outside your norm. <3 xo, milan