Fall Feelings: Don’t Chase What’s Not Meant for You (We’re Trying to Grow & Glow)


These fall feelings are just melting and flowing out of me like hot salted-caramel. Theres something in the change of weather that just makes me reflect on things- nostalgia. There it is. The one feeling that one can never truly recreate but longs so badly to.

 Each week I grow, each week I change, each week I mature, I learn, I love and I move forward in strength. I have found my way to this strength through love. When I feel loved and when I feel encouraged, I grow and I glow.

For the longest time I was seeking out to find something that would make me feel whole. I chased after things that weren’t meant for me but I tried to force it because I just wanted it to work so badly. I wanted to feel a sense of belonging. But guess what; You can’t find belonging in a place where you don’t belong. No matter how hard you try. The problem is finally realizing it’s not right for you.

The moment you feel discouraged, take time to evaluate your situation. Take a step back and ask yourself what needs to change in order to feel encouraged again. What needs to be removed, what needs to be added? Always remember to take care of yourself, mind, body and spirit. If it is not helping you grow, what is it’s purpose? Ask yourself this question.

Whether it be in a relationship, at a company, a college campus, an organization or whatever; if it is not working and it is not changing, it is ok to move on. In some cases, it is vital to move on.

I am not saying to give up, I am saying to change direction when the time calls for it. If you are no longer growing, find that stepping stone to cross and keep going. I have had a bad habit of holding onto things for no better reason than nostalgia. To try to get things back to the way they were… but it doesn’t work like that. Sometimes things change and we’re not meant to go back; we’re meant to go forward.

I am the type that believes there are always bigger and better things for you. Always reach for the stars and you won’t fall short of the sky.

If something is meant to be in your life it will eventually find its way back.

Stop chasing what is not meant for you.

Take advantage of the beautiful possibilities of change. Take steps that encourage love, growth and self-acceptance. Take time to heal. Take back your life.

Watch yourself flourish in self love and radiate in confidence.

 Grow & Glow

So much love here, I hope you feel it.

&& on another note Happy Fall!

I wish I could spend every day in a pumpkin patch; that would make me one happy girl.

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Anyone else catching these fall feelings? They’re making me feel blissful and weightless to say the least, hope you feel the same.

xo, Milan

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