I promise when I tell you I stumbled upon the fact that Kendall Jenner received an Infrared Sauna for her birthday from her sisters that I am telling you the truth. I hope you don’t think I sat down to research the fine details of the Jenner family extravaganzas, even though the Jenner sisters are officially my favorites of the group. But truth be told, when I read that Kendall loved and wanted an Infrared Sauna in her home so she could use it on a daily, I needed to know all the details on why it’s so amazing. No matter how you feel about the Kardashian’s you know they got the best of the best on staff in those Hollywood Hills. So if lil mama loves the Infrared Sauna so much and I can fit it in my budget, I wanna give it a try too.   I did my research, I tried it out and this is what you need to know. So first things first. I went to BalancingEnergy Health and Yoga Center┬áin Dallas which is a cute and quaint little spot tucked away in the ivy-ridden brick walls of Oak Lawn. Very much zen and woo-sa vibes. Unlike my fears of being a Charlotte York in the group sauna setting, the IR Sauna is a personal little booth fit for one person only. No need to worry about that one stranger who’s a little too comfortable in the steamy wood-lined walls, stretching all up in your space like you paid for a showing of Cirque du Soleil. When I made myself comfortable in my personal little sauna I watched the temperature fluctuate between 145 and 150 degrees… and I didn’t feel like I was dying. Honestly, I was completely relaxed the entire time. To my surprise I lasted the entire 45 minutes without flinching. Whereas, in a normal sauna I whimp out in the first 10 minutes, no joke. Since the IR sauna is heated with lights the temperature doesn’t have to reach as high as regular sauna’s. Yes, you sweat but you can also actually breathe. I don’t know about you but that’s important to me. There are a lot of benefits the IR Sauna claims to attribute to including pain management and weight loss. All I know is, if it makes you sweat, it’s probably good for you. We all know that sweating helps clear the toxins in your body so I am not surprised that detoxification is classified as one of these benefits. But skin clearing was on the list as well which I can attest to breaking out shortly after my visit. After research I found that it’s due to the heat causing my pores to open up and “rid” of all the gross stuff thats been chillin underneath. So, yes please, leave my skin at once. This is one of the biggest claims the IR Sauna seems to make; the biggest benefit being your skin. I see this as being similar to facials, they say it gets worse before it gets better. It’s common for a lot of breakouts in the beginning to get everything out from underneath and then from there it’s blue skies and sunshine. Or beautiful flawless skin. For the most part the benefits are after consistent use similar to working out. In order to see the results I’m afraid it’s more than a one time thing. I don’t mind though, the sauna was completely relaxing and I did fall asleep quicker that night.   Basically, in conclusion: The IR Sauna is dope and if I were Kendall Jenner status I would want one in my home too. For now, I will stick to my weekly visits and update y’all on the results.