What Inspires You: How I Seek Inspiration for Growth



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Day in and day out we wake up, we drink our coffee, feed our dog, go to work/school and we live our everyday routine. We try to make time for those we love, we try to build relationships and grow in our careers. We spend so much time making sure we spend every moment being productive that we sometimes forget to stop and make sure our path is still aligned with who we are, who we want to be and where we want to go. We are changing and growing everyday. No matter how old you are, each moment, experience, person and action changes us and forms us into the person we are.

So, do you ever stop and ask yourself what inspires you?

For me I am inspired by the people around me, I am inspired by my city and by my community. In a larger perspective I am inspired by strong women, career girls, bloggers, writers/poets, photographers, musicians and artists.

Sometimes however this inspiration can be lost or we can be focusing on the wrong inspirations; ones that no longer fit us. I try to stay open to new perspectives which helps me continue to grow and learn more about myself and where I feel I belong.

My advice to you is to shake it up a little bit and find inspiration in a place you haven’t found before. Whether that be traveling to a new location for the weekend or even just the day, reading a new book or listening to a new musician. You may be surprised to find how your inspiration evolves without even realizing it.

I have grown fond of Spotify for finding new music, I like to spend some time in Downtown Dallas for a change of scenery and I have recently purchased some new inspirational books including some that are strictly poems. I have a couple trips coming up to get out of Texas and I know those will jumpstart my inspirational juices as well. Those are a few things I am doing to shake it up. What are you going to do to change perspective?

xo, Milan

Photos by: Chloe Gonzales

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