Social Media Burnout: Unplug & Breathe

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These moments to me are raw.

This day I wore no makeup, I didn’t do my hair and I wore whatever I felt most comfortable in. I wanted nothing to do with social media and I just wanted to be. There are times I hit a wall and just feel over exhausted trying to keep up with the online world.

I never want to come to a place where I feel like I’m not me in my writing or my presence and sometimes I realize I need to reconnect with the world around me. This day I felt like that. I felt exhausted, uninspired and a little lost. I want to always remain authentic and sometimes it’s harder than it seems. To give myself so freely, to be vulnerable, to be raw– goes against every bone in my body. But I try. And sometimes it takes a day, a week or maybe even a month to gather myself together and remember exactly why I started and why I can never give up.

The thing is that I think these moments are bound to happen and when they do we need to embrace them and realize that we just need a break.

I know I get caught up in the hustle. I want my dreams to come true so badly that I spend every waking moment thinking about them and working toward them. It is good to have this focus but it becomes an obsession and turns into an exhausting merry-go-round that never seems to find a stopping point. It becomes a stress because I never give myself time to breathe.

When what I love doing becomes a stress, I know something is wrong.

We are only human and our bodies and minds deserve moments of peace so we can continue on the grind with a clear head and healthy body. I sometimes have to remind myself to take time to just live in the moment. Laugh with friends, be aware of my surroundings and tune into what’s right in front of my face. After this day I took a couple weeks to connect with others. I reached out to the community around me, I focused on my home life, my friends and my family. That time reenergized me and gave me the strength to get back to the hustle. So thank you to those who unknowingly gave me strength to keep on going.

What I have learned¬†is that there needs to be balance, especially in times when you feel as if you have hit a wall. Don’t think that taking a break means you’re giving up. It simply means you are human and deserve time for you. The online world will always be there, so don’t be afraid you’re going to miss something.

While you continue to hustle and work on your dreams remember to also take time to live your life.

Unplug. Breathe. Explore. Create. Share. Repeat.

xo, Milan


Photos by: Josue Alarcon

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