What I wore in Los Angeles

So, other than LA being a life changing trip for me and my bestie, I saved some of my favorite outfits for the city of angels. I wanted to make a little roundup for you guys to shop so it’s easy and all in one place! For the most part I was able to find and link all the exact products, otherwise I found something super similar! I’m hoping to do more of these in the future as I continue to travel and what not. Lemme know if these are helpful for you guys.
  This shirt is my ALL TIME FAVORITE. It’s the most flattering shirt i’ve ever owned and I feel so pretty when I wear it. My purse is from Poshmark but I found a bunch of cute ones for you to shop here. 
  Anytime I paired my blue sunnies with my red puffer jacket I got called out for looking “so LA.” It was a vibe and it’s my new favorite combo.     What I wore in Los Angeles MILAN MERLO // MILANDARLING.COM
Basically wore this outfit on repeat. When I rolled out of bed in the morning to walk down to Alfred’s, when we went to the mall, when I was ready for bed, when I went to the airport……. no shame. TBH I want about 20 more fanny packs and puffer jackets in every color.  
What I wore in Los Angeles MILAN MERLO // MILANDARLING.COM

Coat on sale here. Top on sale here.


xo, milan


Photos by Chloe Gonzales.