It feels like forever ago now that Chloe and I journeyed out to the Internet Cafe Two and took these photos. I mean it has been almost a year now…yikes. Sorry for the wait. On another note, Chloe deemed this as one of her favorite shoots…. nbd… I lied, I’m SCREAMING. But anyways…. back to the coffee shop. There’s something special about it and it’s not their delicious brew or cute baristas. (bonus points for both though). It’s actually their sense of humor. Believe it or not, the whole cafe is centered around a joke. If you’re there, you’re probably the joke. A millennial who takes too many photos in aesthetically pleasing destinations with their pretty cup of coffee. Most likely an almond milk latte, am I right? To be honest, going into the cafe knowing this stigma against my kind (lol) made me a little afraid to go inside. I didn’t want to walk in and be judged by the barista while wearing my perfectly coordinated Clueless outfit, ya know? It only took us fifteen minutes to boost up the courage to walk into the coffee shop the size of my bedroom and explain to the employees that yes, we are in fact just like everyone else who wants to come in here for photos and i’ll be damned if you wanna judge me and make fun of me but I already know, so you can’t hurt me. And the guys just said, “ok cool.” Or that’s essentially what happened, I’m not really sure, I kinda blacked out from anxiety. The Internet Cafe is weird and fun with a BIG dose of sarcasm so it’s right up my alley. AND THE COFFEE IS GOOD. Just don’t order the one with the Lucky Charms; it’s cute for photos but has a weird situation of flavors going on. Or maybe that’s what you’re into. So, go for it? THX FOR NOT BEING WEIRD. PHOTOS BY: CHLOE GONZALES xoxo, hugs and kisses, ily bye -milan

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